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Smokey 08-06-02 09:15 AM

Unreal 2 Movie clip
Saw this link over at VoodooExtreme yesterday, so here it is Unreal 2 movie clip

The clip is 6.5mb and is 53seconds long, all I can say is that this is looking great ;)

nin_fragile14 08-06-02 12:18 PM

The graphics look great, even on that shaky-cam.

Matthyahuw 08-06-02 01:37 PM

cool, a bit different than UT2003, I like that...

|JuiceZ| 08-07-02 02:08 PM

hmmm.... I'll have to check that out when I leave work.

SavagePaladin 08-08-02 11:37 PM

Sweet....and short.....

-=DVS=- 08-09-02 02:06 PM

Amaizing when i look at this demo movie , Doom 3 doesn't look so impresive anymore :D :eek:

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