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Sgt_Pitt 03-02-05 03:16 PM

EQ2 fix coming !!

in the PDF, under known issues, it states that a fix will be in the next release of their drivers

all i can say is YAY about bloody time !!
Message Edited by Pitt Hammerfist on 03-02-2005 01:11 PM

quote from forceware release notes in driver 71.84

"GeForce 6 Series: Stuttering appears in different portions of the game EverQuest2.

This issue will be fixed in the next driver release."

Killall 03-02-05 03:31 PM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
Great news.. i hope in the form of a 75.xx gamma correcting AA driver :P

Connaught 03-02-05 06:25 PM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
Now if only this fix came out 4 months ago, I might not have gotten sick and tired of that game...too bad?

|MaguS| 03-02-05 08:32 PM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
Eh, Well see if it does release on the "next" driver release, Nvidia puts that in alot...

Elderblaze 03-03-05 12:28 AM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
/nod's in agreement with Connaught.

Killall 03-03-05 06:12 AM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
Also says in fixed notes "fixed issue with tron2 and flickering screen when using 3D stereoscopic".... Umm how the hell can u use 3D stereoscopic with these drivers since theres no 3D stereo driver that supports the 71.84 .. ??

BTW u could always go back again to EQ2.. but thats all up to u.

nrdstrm 03-03-05 01:42 PM

Re: EQ2 fix coming !!
Woot! Finally! The stutter wasn't a do or die for me (because I'm too damn addicted the the game already anyway), but it will be nice to have the stuttering gone. I have it dialed in so its not that bad (thanks ChrisRay) but it will be great to play without the stutter...Hope it really is in the next release!

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