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sekunda 08-06-02 12:09 PM

hang up....
Actually 2 things...1st when I switch from X to console, the cursor marker is 2 red dots blinkin.

2nd if I try to switch back to X system hangs (though not totally, if i have for example music playing at background it doesnt mind anything about this)... only change is reboot

GF2 MX, slackware, kernel 2.4.18... (not really sure what else info i should post so ask pls?) any ideas? thanks

ps. how i get more columns n lines to console? It should now be framebuffer console with 1024x768 resolution but fonts are same sized as default console (what did i do wrong during kernel compile :D )

Thunderbird 08-06-02 02:47 PM

I think you are using rivafb a framebuffer driver for nvidia cards. Never use it! It is very bad. Not only does it cause drawing problems in X but it can also cause instability problems and problems with VT switching. If you are using rivafb really disable it and move to vesafb.

sekunda 08-06-02 06:54 PM

where can i change it =)

Thunderbird 08-07-02 08:25 AM

First check if it is loaded using "lsmod". If it is not loaded as a module check the kernel log files or the kernel config file you used for compilation.

Unload the module or recompile the kernel without rivafb. (if builtin)

sekunda 08-07-02 09:24 AM

thanks! help very much appriciated... :cool:

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