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brian_s 07-28-02 09:56 AM

help with XF86config-4
How can I edit this in runlevel3? I need to modify some lines and cant startx to do it.

I get an error that says "Failed to load module "GLcore". I want to remove this line.

Total linux newbie BTW.


Thunderbird 07-28-02 10:04 AM

You need to use a texteditor like vi for example. But vi is not that easy to use if you never used it before. An easy editor is mcedit part of midnight commander (a clone of the good old norton commander).

neutrino 07-28-02 12:24 PM

how to use vim
if you just want to comment-out a line do this:

vim /path/file
go to the line with the cursor keys.
press "i" (to go to insertion mode)
type "#" (to comment out the line)
press "ESCAPE" (to go back to command mode)
type ":x" (to save and quit)

I hope this helps


skeevewoo2 07-28-02 08:09 PM

I use pico personally, it's much like the old DOS edit program without the annoying blue background :D Just make your changes, then hit ctrl-x to save, make sure the filename is correct, and hit enter.

noeffort 07-28-02 08:36 PM

as is pointed out in this nice reference link:


that line referring to GLCore should be deleted. The GLCore will be loaded by glx

That is a nice reference for GeForce users, but Im sure some others too... Now, If only I didnt forget my install discs at work, I could fix MY problem, hehe, oh well /shrug


p.s. - I use Pico too, you crazy vi users are whacky! :) just kiddin'

brian_s 07-29-02 07:55 AM

It works now.

Thanks a mil for everyone's help!!

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