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Zerax 08-06-02 01:30 PM

Tvout problems with Gf2 mx400

I got a problem with my tv-out function on my geforce 2 mx400 on slackware. (Xfree 4.2.0).
I got video (color ofc) but the brightness is going up and down om my tv.
Is there anyway to set the brightness and contrast?

// Zerax

Thunderbird 08-06-02 02:45 PM

There's no solution for that in the nvidia drivers. You can use nvtv: http://www.sourceforge.net/nv-tv-out but it doesn't work with the builtin tvout stuff from the drivers.

titan3025 08-06-02 04:37 PM


if you understand german, I have a description for TV out with nVidia cards on my Homepage und the GNU/Linux section.



Zerax 08-07-02 03:01 PM

i got nv-tv-out but i says when i'm running ./configure i don't got pci library not found..?!?

where can i find this? i have tried to find it att freshmeat.net without any luck..

Thunderbird 08-07-02 04:37 PM

Install libpci and the dev packages for it. (Most distro's have it installed by default) I really don't know the correct names of the packages since that depends on the distro.

Zerax 08-07-02 06:28 PM

well i got nv-tv-out working.. but not good.. it's better when i jused the nv driver tv-out functions. :( i culden't fill the hole tv-screen (i can with the nvidias tv-out functions)
but i'll check nv-tv-out realy before i say anything more..

// Zerax

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