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ane 03-08-05 07:52 AM

problems with geforce Ti 4200 128MB tvout
I have problem eith my graphic card. I connected my computer with TV (using cable with scart and apropriet connector). I can not get signal on my TV.
Every time I set Extend my desktop to second display, I must use dual view (setup automatically is seting to dual view) and there is no signal on TV. When I set display to use clone mode then option Extend my desktop... is automaticaly deselected.

I want to use clone mode to extend desktop to my TV.How?

And there is something else. I have to use PAL system (for Europe) not NTSC. But, whenever scart is connecetd to TV, I can not chose between PAL and NTSC, I could only see selected NTSC, but everything is gray(inactive). Every time I trying to change something, and on the end click OK or APPLY, my computer is restarting.
When I disconnect scart from TV, I can chose between PAL and NTSC, computer is not restarting on every changes I made, but problem is still there. I cannot selest clone mode and Extend my desktop... in the same time. And if I let dual view and connect scart to TV, there is still nothing.

Before I get this graphic card I have ATI RAGE 128 TVin & TVout and everything was OK, that's why I thing that problen is not in cable or TV (I tryed with other TV), I thing something else is problem, but I don't now what.

If anybody know what I can do, please write something.


Toss3 03-08-05 11:46 PM

Re: problems with geforce Ti 4200 128MB tvout
Does your card have tv-out or just regular s-video out? Cuz' if it only has an s-video out and your TV doesn't support it, I don't think you'll get a signal. But from the same place you changed from pal to ntsc, click on advanced and try changing the video format to composite or s-video :) hope this helps...

ane 03-10-05 04:31 AM

Re: problems with geforce Ti 4200 128MB tvout
I have TV OUT, not s-video. It is a out for connector with 9 pins. The same connector and the same TV worked OK with my previos card. I don't now. Maybe the driver it is not OK, but I download the newes version. When I want to chose type of connection with TV I have choice between: Auotmaticly selected, s-video out, composit video and scart. Whatever I chose - nothing.
All I have as an option on my graphic card is: out for monitor, TVout and DVI. So, I don't have option to chose my connector.

Anyway, thank you

If you have some new idea........ :)

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