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Thunderbird 03-11-05 08:22 AM

1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

* Improved OpenGL workstation performance.

* Added support for XRandR rotation; see Appendix W in the text README.

* Added ExactModeTimingsDVI X config option to give explicit control
over the mode timings used on FlatPanels.

* Added Xorg dlloader support.

* Changed driver behavior such that PAT (Page Attribute Table)
is used where possible instead of MTRRs.

* Added a workaround for an X server bug with PCI-E GeForce 6800
and GeForce 6600; a fix has been provided to XFree86 and XOrg.

* Fixed stability problems on x86_64 PCI-E systems.

* Documented change_page_attr problems with x86_64 2.6 kernels;
please see the known issue "The X86-64 platform (AMD64/EM64T)
and 2.6 kernels" in the text README here:


* Fixed 2D rendering corruption on certain older GPUs.

* Improved compatibility with Linux 2.6 kernels.

* Fixed compatibility problems with some SWIOTLB em64t systems.

* Fixed a bug that triggered error messages of the form:

"ioctl32(doom.x86:6747): Unknown cmd fd(16) cmd(c0384642){00}
arg(ffffc75c) on /dev/nvidiactl"

* Fixed NvAGP incompatibility with recent Linux 2.6 kernels.

* Improved interaction with the udev filesystem.

* Improved performance of PCI cards on Linux 2.6 systems.

* Support for TurboCache GPUs.
The 1.0-7167 NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Graphics Driver Set for Linux/x86 is available for download via HTTP and FTP.

Please note: If you're using a Linux 2.6 system, you may need to preload the AGPGART frontend module, agpgart.ko, prior to executing the NVIDIA .run installer:
# modprobe -q agpgart
# sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg0.run

silentplummet 03-11-05 08:57 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
"Added support for XRandR rotation"

I'm honestly shocked. I never thought it was going to happen.

kmare 03-11-05 09:14 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
I'm really shocked too!!! thanx nvidia AGAIN!!! really impressive changelog! Hopefully the driver will hit portage soon so I can try it...

PrakashP 03-11-05 09:16 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
Any patch out there which makes it work with current bk kernel?

cmoad 03-11-05 09:27 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
Here is an ebuild set based off the latest one with the patches removed. It worked for me, but I can't make any promises and this is for you who can't wait like me.


You rock nvidia. The 6200 Go does too!

- Charlie

labba 03-11-05 09:42 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
Very nice! Thank you guys!
It's nice to see, that the desires of the community are heard (-> ROTATE)
Hope it is in portage soon.

zander 03-11-05 09:52 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
@PrakashKC: 1.0-7167 shouldn't require patching for current -bk kernels.

AlxMAX 03-11-05 09:59 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
Hi. How can I extract the DVI timings for the flat panel of my laptop? Is xvidtune enough?

AlxMAX 03-11-05 10:04 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
@zander: you should modify the title of the other thread and change from 6167 to 7167.

PrakashP 03-11-05 10:05 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released

Well, I get this:


/var/tmp/portage/nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167/work/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg0/usr/src/nv/nv.c: In function `nv_agp_init':
/var/tmp/portage/nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167/work/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg0/usr/src/nv/nv.c:3075: Fehler: »agp_bridges« nicht deklariert (erste Benutzung in dieser Funktion)
/var/tmp/portage/nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167/work/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg0/usr/src/nv/nv.c:3075: Fehler: (Jeder nicht deklarierte Bezeichner wird nur einmal aufgeführt
/var/tmp/portage/nvidia-kernel-1.0.7167/work/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg0/usr/src/nv/nv.c:3075: Fehler: für jede Funktion in der er auftritt.)

I hacked an ebuild together and tried it. As I could't find the variable agp_bridges anywhere declared I wonder whether my ebuild is incorrect or there has been something changed in later bk kernels.

Unfortunately I don't know which gentoo patch fixes it with 6111 driver. I jst suspected in 6629 it is NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-6629-agp_bridge_data.patch, but it doesn't apply to new driver and comparing driver and patch it seems the driver handles some stuff like the previous one. (IE, the patch might be needed, but I am rather clueless...)

If you want I can try to install the driver manually w/o ebuild, if you thinkt he ebuild does something wrong.

zander 03-11-05 10:07 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
@AlxMAX: good point, thanks.

zander 03-11-05 10:08 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 for Linux x86 released
@PrakashKC: you're right, this looks like a very recent change that's. I'll take a look.

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