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madman_lxl 12-04-02 08:33 AM

mounted cd drive not being veiwed by UT installer
hi i'm a n00b to linux and i seem to be having a problem running the installer for ut in mandrake 9. It asks for the cd and i place it in but it doesn't pick up i have tried everything to get it to work but with no luck. is it a mobo ide problem because i have an nForce mobo or is it a software problem which i belive it is. can anyone help me?

tuxfriend 12-11-02 01:49 PM

I was playing around a little with MDK 9.0 a few weeks ago.As i
remember it had the auto or supermount feature for /dev/cdrom.
Deactivate it,there is a cofiguration-tool you can use as root to
do that in KDE.
After that you have to mount /dev/cdrom in console or rightclick with
mouse on the icon and use mount.Remember to umount.
This might help.There is a Gaming FAQ on www.icculus.org with
is helpfull to.

lunix 12-11-02 03:37 PM

There is a bug in the installer. It will ask for cd 2 but it needs cd 3, or something like that. So when it is not picking up the cd you are putting in try one of the other ones till you get it right...

tuxfriend 12-11-02 03:53 PM

With UT2003 you are right.Think madman_lxl is talking about UT.
I had the same problem in a fews forums in Germany-talking about
UT or UT2003 folks are messsing around with the name.
Maybe we should ask first with one they really ask for ;-)

EnergyRecr 11-21-08 11:57 PM

Re: mounted cd drive not being veiwed by UT installer
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Energy jobs 12-16-08 11:16 AM

Re: mounted cd drive not being veiwed by UT installer
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