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9point9 03-12-05 05:22 PM

Temperature monitoring
Under Windows I use a utility called SpeedFan which monitors temperatures, fan speeds, voltages etc. It's not just for CPU temperatures as it will monitor many graphics cards too.

Are there any similar utilities available under Linux? A google search brought up a load of articles on how to write MySQL databases to log them but I don't think I'm quite up to that level of difficulty.

chunkey 03-12-05 08:51 PM

Re: Temperature monitoring
look at this project:

for PSU Voltages, CPU Temperature, CPU/System Fan speed...
Linux Hardware Monitoring

when you've a recent nvidia graphic card with an h/w-chip:
"nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp"
or if you want a gui:
just "nvidia-settings" and look in "Thermal Monitor"

SuLinUX 03-13-05 10:41 AM

Re: Temperature monitoring
Temperature monitoring comes with the 2.6.x kernel natively, you just select I2C support and your chipset. Temps and fan speeds are shown if you get a utility, GNOME/KDE have there own.

You dont need Im_sensors in 2.6.x and they state that anyway.

9point9 03-14-05 08:55 AM

Re: Temperature monitoring
I'm running kernel 2.6 and from your suggestions I've also set up lm_sensors which gives me CPU, system and what I think is PWM temp. I've also got fan speeds and voltages. The command line temperature readout from nvidia-settings I was unaware of, more useful than the GUI I think. Since all of those readouts can be output to a terminal someone must have written a logging program of some form, will keep looking.

I also worked out that
nvidia-settings -q GPUAmbientTemp
displays ambient temp.

Thanks guys.

chunkey 03-14-05 09:44 AM

Re: Temperature monitoring

Well, you can write your own monitoring program:
Nvidia has "freed" (as in freedom) "nvidia-setting" a long time ago:

You can get the source (GPL Version 2) here...
(although, it seems nvidia **** ** the code, when they're added xrandr to it, but still can get the older one with google)

I've already hacked it a bit... and made a little addon for ksensors...

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