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lightsout 03-13-05 01:38 PM

NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
Hi folks,

I'm trying the latest drivers from Nvidia. Most things are good, flash, xmms, UT2004, TeamSpeak, etc

The problem is Skype - it works for a few seconds, and then crashes. When I use my SB Live card, it works without issue.

I'm running Gentoo with the 2.6.10-gentoo-r6 kernel, on a ASUS A7N8X-E mobo.

Has anyone had else had this problem? Does Skype work for anyone else?


peter_22 03-16-05 03:12 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
You are not alone :) I have the same problem on mandrake 10.1(kernel 2.6.10) on nvsound driver my skype crash after 3 second of connection for exemple with echo service when im using artdsp plugin its working but i cannot recors my voice on skype echo service.
I have Nforce 2 on Asus A7N8X-X Mainboard with Realtek ACL650 audio codec.
I am using latest version of Skype and Nvidia Drivers
I have posted this problem on skype forum too but i haven't got reply yet....

lightsout 03-16-05 03:46 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
Oh yeah. Actually if I turn off artsd, then I get mic but it crashes really quickly. If artsd is on, then TeamSpeak also seems to suffer from a lack of sound.

I've reported it to nvidia anyway, but it may be just as well if you do as well!

peter_22 03-16-05 04:04 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
I think i will wait for response from Skype forum..if you get any answer from nvidia please let me know ok??
P.S I have reported that to. :)

lightsout 03-16-05 04:17 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
Yeah, I'll do that. I'll try hacking around with some kernel options as well!

peter_22 03-16-05 04:28 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype

Originally Posted by lightsout
Yeah, I'll do that. I'll try hacking around with some kernel options as well!

Ok if you get any new ideas plese let me know :)

lightsout 03-28-05 11:43 AM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
Nvidia have given me a patched nvmain.c file for the driver.... it works a LOT better now.

I won't provide it unless they say so mind - but a fix is certainly coming!

peter_22 03-30-05 01:56 PM

Re: NForce 1.0-0301 & Skype
Yeah That's really Good News :) I will wait so for new relase of the driver :)
THX Peter

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