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joltcola 03-15-05 01:26 PM

Suggestion for new section

I was thinking, with more and more companies out there on the internet that have become decent sources of hardware, software, and everything else.
Maybe, we can start a new section on sources of everything we love. So people can post sales and prices that people would be interested on. Also, a place for people to rant about declined RMAs and people warning others about places to stay away from.

Just a thought...

-- jolt

joltcola 03-16-05 10:11 PM

Re: Suggestion for new section
Anything? No... hmmm

Was it a bad suggestion?

-- jolt

LiquidX 03-17-05 10:24 AM

Re: Suggestion for new section
Like a hot deal section thing? If thats the case it does sound like a good idea as sub-forum for the FS section.

Clay 03-17-05 10:30 AM

Re: Suggestion for new section
It's not a bad idea in some respects and I'm sure you guys have no bad intentions. However, one thing we have to consider is that a section like that could easily become abused with some folks exploiting it for free advertising. Our customers that pay for advertising here would justifiably be pretty bent if one of their competitors had free advertising in an area of our forums. We have millions of page views each month which attracts waves of spammers as it is.

A sub-forum of this nature would cause more work for mods to try and really comb over posts to determine if they were legitimate "average Joes" posting or if they were coming from the companies themselves (directly or indirectly). Make sense? I don't mean to dump on the idea but just trying to paint the bigger picture. :)

zoomy942 03-17-05 02:23 PM

Re: Suggestion for new section
Agreed. having only one FS/FT section keeps our chances for scams to a minimum. granted, i am sure there are alot of people who would use a section like that in a way it is meant to be. but, unfortunately, not everyone is honest. so in the interest of not having our members get scammed, it's probably better to sections that involve money or advertising to as small a number as possible.

it is a good idea though. too bad that the dis-honest people out there mess it up for everyone who is just out for the "red tag sale" :)

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