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UDawg 03-15-05 02:45 PM

Guild Wars
There is another BETA this weekend and I will be there. I also have one guest pass to the person who can give me the best reason as to why I should give it to them when they can to out and buy the dman game for them selves. :D

Maybe I'll see you there. I have the same name as I do here.

nrdstrm 03-15-05 04:58 PM

Re: Guild Wars
Tried it before EQ2 came out. Seemed like kind of a fun game, but didn't get too much done in the weekend I had. Now I am subject to the Evercrack additction, so I probably won't be trying GW for a few more months at least...Give an update though please, I'd like to see how the game is progressing :)

|MaguS| 03-15-05 05:01 PM

Re: Guild Wars
I will probably get the game at release just becasue I loved D2 and need some mindless fun when I take my long breaks from EQ2.

superklye 03-15-05 05:18 PM

Re: Guild Wars
Yeah, I'm really considering getting it too, but only if a bunch of you guys get it and want to party up or one of my roommates gets it with me.

nutcrackr 03-15-05 11:57 PM

Re: Guild Wars
I got a weekend beta key too, I'll be checking it out as much as I can, it's on my upcoming games list to watch out for. Might be moved off it or transferred to my must buy list :)

Athena 03-16-05 12:53 PM

Re: Guild Wars
I have played for 3 of the beta events thus far and I will be online for this one. I pre-ordered a couple months ago so my account is all set. :D

Mikeluv 03-16-05 01:59 PM

Re: Guild Wars
This game is off the hook and i will be playin from fri-sun non stop. :D

Ninjaman09 03-16-05 02:04 PM

Re: Guild Wars
/ME wants a KEY!!

superklye 03-16-05 02:51 PM

Re: Guild Wars
How do you get a key? I'm a FilePlanet subscriber, so if it's through FP, I should be able to get one, right?

EDIT: Nevermind. You have to pre-order...which I have considered, on many occasions, to do.

UDawg 03-16-05 03:11 PM

Re: Guild Wars

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
/ME wants a KEY!!

Follow instructions and we will see about this key you desire. :D

Megasaxon 03-16-05 09:14 PM

Re: Guild Wars
I'd love a key..

Only reason i havent gone out and bought the pre-order, is it's rather difficult to find someone who has it in australia, and isn't charging a stupid price for it :/

DaveChambers 03-16-05 11:21 PM

Re: Guild Wars
It would have to be something spectacular to take me away from WoW :)

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