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dpw2atox 03-16-05 06:31 AM

1.0-7167 driver performance issues
I have a geforce 6800 OC on my nforce2 motherboard and am running fedora core 3. I installed the new drivers fine but am experiencing a huge performance drop when using the new drivers. In World of Warcraft under cedega 4.3 with the 66.29 drivers i was able to play with everything maxed out with a good framerate however with the new drivers my fps dropped by about 10fps and hangs/lags if I rotate the camera view. Are there any patches I can install to fix any issues yet or anything else I should try changing to fix this? or is it better to just wait for another release?

zander 03-16-05 07:48 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 driver performance issues
There's a known performance problem with the 1.0-7167 driver release and AGPGART; please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=47405 for information on how to resolve it.

leonardh 03-16-05 08:25 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 driver performance issues
I have a regular GeForce 6800 on an athlon 64 runing FC3 (32-bit) also. I have the exact same problems dpw2atox described. I've patched the driver, and even followed some other people's advice, but nothing works right with 7167. Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm very happy with Nvidia. Driver support and compatability is why I only sell Nvidia cards. I also have 5 other gaming systems with different configurations, and the new driver hoses those up as well. One funny thing though, my toshiba P4 1.7GHz laptop with a go440 32MB in it loves the new driver :) Maybe if I stop using the built in AGPGART the system will perform better with the latest driver (yes, I did the patch as described in the thread). How do I dissable the native AGPGART?

dpw2atox 03-17-05 12:18 AM

Re: 1.0-7167 driver performance issues
i tried the patch and still experience performance issues. if I go back to the 6629 drivers everything works fine. This is the first release of nvidia drivers where i have ever had any problem what so ever. does anyone know of anything else that can be done to fix the performance problems?

chareos 03-31-05 02:55 PM

Re: 1.0-7167 driver performance issues
Idem with 7174

erek 03-31-05 02:57 PM

Re: 1.0-7167 driver performance issues
1.0-7174 still lags far behind 1.0-6629 (w/ patches).. i can't even come close to what i got with the 6 series of drivers...unfortunately :(

*blames win32 shared code...*

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