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pwheat 03-17-05 10:07 PM

OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
:thumbdwn: So I install Fedora Core 3 on a Dell Latitude c810.

Screen that shows is about 1/4 the size of the screen area.

No matter what monitor type is selected, resolution, etc.

Guys, Windoze 98 thru XP installs and detects this monitor on this laptop without a flaw.

I really like Linux, and am an advocate, but damn. How can we expect anyone to adopt and embrace an OS that can't detect the proper monitor type and resolution?

I've searched numerous threads and googled the hell out of this topic. Why? It's just a frickking laptop, less than two years old. It's a DELL for cripes sake. Not some knock-off brand.

Now on an old Compaq Armada ES500, no problem.

Help. Simple howto help.

Zelda_fan 03-18-05 01:43 AM

Re: OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
That's always seemed to be a problem w/ linux - not much support for 3d party hardware (and laptops have tons of 3rd party hardware).

SuLinUX 03-18-05 12:53 PM

Re: OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
xorg can be configured to your monitor spec manually, you need to know the horizontal refresh and vertical, then setup your resolutions. run xorgconfig or use VESA because auto detection dont mean nothing.

The manufacturer has nothing to do with it since all screens are VESA complient, DELL or a cheap crap make.

9point9 03-18-05 11:08 PM

Re: OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
Under MDK 10.1 in xorg.conf (or XFree86.conf, same file but with a symlink) there are some special entries for Dell laptops:

# Dell D800 and few Inspiron (16/10) 1280x800
ModeLine "1280x800" 147.89 1280 1376 1512 1744 800 801 804 848

# Dell D800 and few Inspiron (16/10) 1680x1050
ModeLine "1680x1050" 214.51 1680 1800 1984 2288 1050 1051 1054 1103

# Dell D800 and few Inspiron (16/10) 1920x1200
ModeLine "1920x1200" 230 1920 1936 2096 2528 1200 1201 1204 1250 +HSync +VSy

You got anything like that?

paka 04-12-05 05:33 PM

Re: OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
Check this out, maybe it will clear your mind ;) Good luck!!!

BTW: Sometimes I really get angry in such situation if it happens to me, but finally I always try to convince me, that I need to learn more linux and more.. cause it really give a lot of possibilities. But first, you need to be GURU :/ :) Long way...

netviper13 04-12-05 06:06 PM

Re: OK, Bill Gate$ looking pretty good right now..
Fedora is also probably not the best distro to be running if you are looking for something super-stable and super-compatible - Fedora exists, in one way or another, to provide a testing ground for new Linux technologies before Redhat puts them in its enterprise lines.

Fedora is given the latest, bleeding edge packages and software, which sometimes leads to instability and/or incompatibility. The dual-boot fiasco with FC2 is just one example.

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