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Venturi 03-18-05 09:32 PM

SLI Quadro 400 fx benchies in games
Whoops, should have posted it here...

See system specs in signature.

X2 The Threat benchmark

All eye candy
specular, auto-detail, etc

101.601 FPS

4x AA, ultra setting, 1600x1200
~Timedemo Demo1 usecache

124.5 FPS

Painikiller 1.62All eye candy maxed, 1600x1200
~benchmark C5L1 206.44 FPS
~benchmark C5L2 155.10 FPS

Driver 67.22 - no overclocking enabled (for the first run at testing)

I finally got the driver issues resolved enough to attempt this. Next comes the SPEC view 8.01 benchies!

sPuNdANe 04-09-05 12:16 AM

Re: SLI Quadro 400 fx benchies in games
Dude you built Frankenrig there...:afraid:
I'm green with ENVY :D
Great job!!!

:afro2: sPuNdANe :afro2:

Venturi 04-23-05 02:20 PM

Re: SLI Quadro 400 fx benchies in games

Just for the record, the rig is now sporting 2 of the dual core opties 275.

There was actually a small performance hit in some apps in moving from the 252s to the 275s. However there was a substantial increase in threaded apps.

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