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SH64 03-19-05 09:43 AM

About FRAPS 2.5.4 news
The link posted in the main page direct you to 2.5.3 not 2.5.4 .
heres the correct link :

& BTW this version is interesting because i had problems running FRAPS with nVIDIA hardware which was getting me slower framerates than the actual framerate in many games .
i reported that to FRAPS & as a work around i used to launch the game first then activate FRAPS .

-=DVS=- 03-20-05 05:24 PM

Re: About FRAPS 2.5.4 news
Does this new 2.5.4 fix this speed issue , i been useing old 1.9 version ever since.

SH64 03-20-05 09:25 PM

Re: About FRAPS 2.5.4 news
What speed issue ?

-=DVS=- 03-21-05 01:36 PM

Re: About FRAPS 2.5.4 news
Well one of the versions or some of them , would cut my FPS in half if fraps is running in background on my other motherboard i have , some kind of conflict , i noticed today they found another bug with SLI setup at front page.

SH64 03-21-05 01:58 PM

Re: About FRAPS 2.5.4 news
Thats what i'm talking about . the new version seems to fix that issue only in some games , but its still there on other games .
example : its gone with Painkiller:BooH , but i'm still getting it in SW:RC .

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