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sm0ke 03-20-05 08:15 PM

screen flickers
I hoped that with this release it would be fixed but it is not.
Here i go again.

Since the 3-4 most recent releases there's a problem when i load anything GL related.
The screen starts to flicker, and may even go black.

I have tested this with several distros (fc1,fc2,fc3) with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.

here's the specs:

p4 3.0ghz
msi geforce fx 5600 (128mb)
Dell P1130 screen

any feedback would be greatly apprechiated.

sm0ke 03-25-05 09:04 AM

Re: screen flickers
again... not a single response.... this is getting frustrating

hollovoid7 03-28-05 01:58 PM

Re: screen flickers
try posting xorg.conf, and any error messages you have, nobody can help you if you dont give them a point of reference, or any other information to go by.

sm0ke 03-29-05 04:29 PM

Re: screen flickers
there have been previous threads about this with NO answer at all.
i get no errors whatsoever. it's a driver glitch.

edman007 03-30-05 09:43 PM

Re: screen flickers
yea, i get it too, but surprisingly i only notice it with targetware and in that program i get it a lot (about once every minute), basically i get big white triangles just pop up for one frame, and its not a game bug because the exact same version of the game worked perfect with the old drivers

3.3Ghz p4
geforce 6600 AGP
slack-current kernel (happened with the 2.6.10 too)

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