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yoladude 03-21-05 07:48 PM

ti4200 = quadro?
okay, so i've had this trouble for a while. when my computer starts up, the video bios still says Geforce4 Ti4200..etc...but in my nvidia control panel, it says 'Quadro4 780 XGL.' i didnt think much of it until recently when i discovered that my anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing dont work...now, i dont use them much but i wanted to in Giants: Citizen Kabuto that i just reinstalled, and they dont work. any thoughts?

system specs:
athlonXP 2200+
512mb PC2100
Geforce4 Ti4200
Extreme G 71.84 drivers

this has happened with some 4x.xx driver, i'm not sure which one, but it was happening with those as well.

Daneel Olivaw 03-21-05 11:00 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?
try detonator destroyer, then reinstall the drivers. check out guru3d

yoladude 03-22-05 06:44 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?
well, i dont know if its because i'm running windows XP (unsupported) or have forceware drivers (not dets?) but detonator destroyer says it cant be run on 'this platform.' i'll search for another driver cleaning program though; suggestions?

yoladude 03-22-05 07:19 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?
yeah. ran driver cleaner pro or whatever, reinstalled drivers, and still a no-go. i wouldnt mind much, but occasionally, i like AA/AF.

any other ideas?

Daneel Olivaw 03-22-05 10:11 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?
Take the card out, put another one in, boot in VGA mode (F8), run driver cleaner thingy, put card back in, re-install driver.

That's basically the bazooka solution to the moskito problem.

yoladude 03-22-05 10:54 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?

i think i'll just deal. i'm wayyyyy too lazy for that.

lol if i ever get excessively annoyed, i'll do that, so thank you for the advice nonetheless.

Daneel Olivaw 03-22-05 11:33 PM

Re: ti4200 = quadro?
no prob
Actually, the VGA mode thing to remove the driver was the real idea of my post.

Still, I agree... I usually put off opening my case until its necessary too...

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