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chrisbuhneing 03-22-05 06:16 AM

Remove my account
Please remove my account I have never been on a forum that times you out
I was posting in your forum and when I got done typeing my post and wnet to save it I was logged out.
Just remove my account this is a joke.
Thank you for notheing.
PS do not reply to this I will not be revisiting this site and I have marked your admin email as spam and it will be delete befor it in recived.

MUYA 03-22-05 06:19 AM

Re: Remove my account
Drama queening are we? You can just leave as it is or ask why and for help?

This forum has never done what you have described...with all the upgrades etc.

saturnotaku 03-22-05 06:20 AM

Re: Remove my account
All you have to do is not visit here. No need to be all dramatic. Don't let the door hit you in the rectal cavity on the way out.

MUYA 03-22-05 06:24 AM

Re: Remove my account
He is still browing this thread....

If you want to retract your statement and ask for help. We can endeavour. Otherwise what Satman said applies.

ChrisRay 03-22-05 06:24 AM

Re: Remove my account
I would think it would be easier to just log out and never return. Though this seems like a tantrum to me. I imagine its frustrating to type a post and then have it timed out. But it's obviously not "this" big of a deal.

Nutty 03-22-05 07:19 AM

Re: Remove my account
I had it happen to me once I think.. Just press back, copy your text, and re-start a reply.

saturnotaku 03-22-05 08:11 AM

Re: Remove my account
See, the problem with that, Nutty my man, is that such a move would have required the user to think a little bit. It was much easier to whine like a 2-year-old here.

oldsk00l 03-22-05 09:56 AM

Re: Remove my account
Um, there's some uh troll feeding going on here too :D

Then again, there is this "drama queen" icon from www.whereisphantom.com that I think one of the admins should put in as his avatar hehehe

then let it be done

BrianG 03-22-05 10:09 AM

Re: Remove my account
Anyone else notice he only has one post? I mean, one attempt and he's ready to give up? :spam: ?

Clay 03-22-05 10:11 AM

Re: Remove my account
Yeah this is pointless to waste any further time on. Thread closed.

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