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mglbrmf 08-06-02 07:43 PM

geforce 4 ti 4200 and xfree (
i have a sparkle geforce 4 ti 4200 (128mb), and while i got it to work with windows 2000 just fine (after installing some drivers for my via agp chipset and a win2k hotfix) i have several problems using it in linux.
i got it to show 2d graphics (i.e. xfree starts), but as soon as xfree has started the textmode console is rendered useless because the characters are almost black and the screen doesn't show all the lines it should... pretty annoying...
worse is that if i use the Xv extension to enable xine to use hardware colorspace conversion and scaling it does work, but only in monochome (black and white)... i have no idea why that is, but i'd relly like to watch my color videos in, well, color ;-)
any ideas what i could do to fix those problems would be welcome... especially, does anyone else have problems with a geforce 4 ti on linux (i have an asus a7v board btw)

Thunderbird 08-07-02 07:21 AM

I'm not really sure if you are already using nvidia's closed source drivers which contain 3d and Xv support. The default xfree86 driver (nv) supports the geforce4 in xfree86 4.2.x and higher.

If you don't have the nvidia drivers grab them from http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=linux

When you use those apps using Xv work fine.

mglbrmf 08-07-02 07:55 AM

sorry i forgot to include these quite important details in my first post:
i am using the closed source nvidia drivers (1.0-2960 tarballs) and both kernel module and glx drivers compiled w/out complaining on my debian testing ("sarge") gnu/linux 2.4.17, so that is why i thought the monochrome xv might be a bug with nvidia's drivers.
also the messed up console / textmode might be due to my using a (sharp) tft screen, it tells me that digital (dvi) signal is out of sync in textmode after i switched to graphics mode and back, but for analog (sub-d) vga signals it reports "V:69Hz, H:31.1kHz" which i suppose should work... also when using bios setup or linux console (before having it messed up by starting x) w/ analog signals, i can't see the lines at the very top and bottom which is likely because the card produces "strange" frequencies outside its usual 1024x768 mode (which i auto-adjusted my tft to), the text-mode looks perfectly fine when using digital dvi singals though...
3d apps apparently work though for some weird reason i can't get some of the opengl xscreensavers to run with -root when they run in a window just fine (and apparently accelerated because of their high fps); unfortunately my quake3 install seems to be broken... i'll try to fix that to get a "real" opengl app running...

you said the xfree >4.2.x nv driver supposts geforce 4... i suppose that is unaccelerated (or w/out xv/opengl at least), right?

Thunderbird 08-07-02 08:16 AM

Make sure you aren't using rivafb as a framebuffer driver. If so disable it at all it is very evil.

mglbrmf 08-07-02 12:57 PM

i suppose rivafb is what i get when i enable (in make menuconfig) Console Drivers->Frame-Buffer Support->Nvidia Riva Suport? I never had that compiled in my kernel... so i don't think i could be using it... or do i have to disable it eslewhere?

Thunderbird 08-07-02 04:58 PM

Yep that is rivafb, if you didn't enable it there it isn't used.

mglbrmf 08-07-02 06:28 PM

ok, thanks... so i suppose this is really a driver bug / incompatibility... just hope nvidia gets around to fix it soon... anyway you can't really claim linux support if your xfree driver messes up the console... then again.... oh well

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