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micka 03-23-05 06:40 AM

7167 and nwn
Since I installed the 7167 proprietary driver, nwn doesn't work anymore. After a random time (often even *before* I can play), it just quits to X.
But I just can't find any way to know what happens.

When using the previous versions of the drivers, I had no problems.

Configuration : kernels 2.6.{10,11.*,12-rc1] on debian sid, the computer is an Athlon and the card is a Geforce4.

micka 03-25-05 05:04 AM

Re: 7167 and nwn
Did I fail to provide enough info so that someone could help me?

ChrisRay 03-25-05 05:34 AM

Re: 7167 and nwn
Is it just that driver giving you the problem? Not many linux users around and sometimes its hard to find people with the know how to fix the problem. I cant help you because I havent used linux myself..

Thorium 03-29-05 11:42 PM

Re: 7167 and nwn
Occasionally some times for some reason I lose 3d acceleration, I blame my crappy mandrake install :P, anyways, with stuff like UT2004, it just sends it right back to X too. Try glxinfo, in the output for it, see if it says direct rendering. I believe if its no it can cause problems like this but I am a noob and not sure :P If that is the case, I would try a reinstall of the new drivers, and if they are still broke, I am sure other people are having it, so in the meantime can go back to the old ones for now.

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