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falcon1010 03-23-05 03:37 PM

suddenly games are crashing/freezing
Thank for any advice on this problem. I am using a GeForce 4 mx 440 card. Around January the family had been able to play most newer games on my system. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Sims 2 were working fine. Nobody has played the games until recently, and now both games are freezing in the middle of loading. In both cases it seems that the main menu will open, but when I try to actually go into the games from the main menus the games freeze or crash. I've cannot remember when the last big security upgrade came from Microsoft to see if that was the problem, but I do remember a download came from Nvidia that put a new settings display in my system tray. I have tried several attempts at restoring my system to a older date but I have not had any luck. In fact, the newer Nvidia settings display still exists in the older restore dates. I've tried un and re installing both games with no luck. Any help on what's happening would be appreciated. Both games had run with no problems before. Also is nvidia tied into outlook express. I went to the remove program screen and removed some nvidia driver updates to see if I could isolate the problem, but when the computer came back up all my email messages were missing. Strange thing with this is emails I have sent are still in the system. Restoring to a earlier date had no effect on the email either. Thanks for any help.

saturnotaku 03-23-05 05:38 PM

Re: suddenly games are crashing/freezing
It sounds like you have Windows set to download updates automatically, which is probably the crux of your problem. You should always do manual updates of Windows because in addition to security updates, Microsoft will release its own drivers for hardware and those can cause more problems than they solve.

As far as your Outlook goes, that was probably due to another Windows update. NVIDIA and Outlook (which you really shouldn't be using anyway) are mutually exclusive programs.

Sounds like something got royally hosed somewhere, and the only thing left to do is to back up all your critical data to another hard drive or CD/DVD and do a clean Windows re-installation. That should clear everything up. Just make sure to not have Windows update itself automatically.

frister 03-24-05 03:39 PM

Re: suddenly games are crashing/freezing
Check your temps.
This is a Major cause of stopping-freezing games.
May need another fan, or 2.
Check that out before you make any more investments. Either way, It won't Hurt.

falcon1010 03-24-05 04:03 PM

Re: suddenly games are crashing/freezing
Thanks for both ideas. I had wondered about a confliction between downloads because this seemed to happen after I set my downloads to automatic. As far as the temp how would I check it. I thought I read somewhere about someone checking the card temp through the apu or system tray but I can find out how to do that. Thanks again for the replies.

frister 03-25-05 02:38 PM

Re: suddenly games are crashing/freezing

or do a search on google, motherboard temps.
Do some research on temps, and you will get the idea of what it can cause,
and compare the 2.

Also, Try a search on these letters



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