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wrongman 03-24-05 12:14 PM

for all the 'freezing problem' people...
i don't know if it's the same for all of you, but my system does not freeze... it seems to be freezed, i installed sshd in my box and waited for the bad freeze... two days after it comes... i tried to log in to my box from another pc through the ssh deamon and i logged in without problems... with 'top' i saw that xfree has 99% cpu usage... now i don't know anymore if it's a nvidia problem, can it be a xfree related one? or a combination of these two? :(

Madera 03-24-05 04:31 PM

Re: for all the 'freezing problem' people...
You seem to have my same problem. See my post "The strangest problem" and so.

hollovoid7 03-28-05 02:08 PM

Re: for all the 'freezing problem' people...
for me its been different per card, my system with mx400 works as long as "dri" is commented out in xorg.conf (for both nv and nvidia) my fx5200 works only if the nvidia drivers are installed, and freezes within seconds with nv, and the fx5700 works fine in nv, but needs very latest nvidia drivers to work properly, (eg. 6111 and earlier freeze up) and its all the same type of freeze for all 3 of my computers, top shows x at 99%, the mouse still moves but everything else is frozen. the latest drivers have been the savior, installed in my fc3 system without any extra configuration (didnt need to modify anything permissions wise, as was needed before) just updated the xorg.conf, and have been running ever since.

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