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karkrash81 03-25-05 05:58 PM

Inspiron 9300
I just got a new laptop.

It's a Dell Inspiron 9300.

Specs are:
Pentium M 1.86 Ghz
512 MB dual channel DDR 2 at 533 mhz
GeForce Go 6800 (256 mb memory)
8x DVD -+ and Dual Layer Burner
17" (1440x900) display
6 USB ports

http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/9300-1.jpg http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/9300-2.jpg

I ran some quick benchmarks. First I ran it at stock video card speeds. Then I ran it at the optimal speeds determined by coolbits. I also ran the built in Doom3 Timedemo.

All were at 1024x768. Doom 3 was at default High Quality.

3d Mark 01
http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2001.jpg http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2001oc.jpg

3d Mark 03
http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2003.jpg http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2003oc.jpg

3d Mark 05
http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2005.jpg http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/3dm2005oc.jpg

Doom 3
http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/d3.jpg http://portfolio.iu.edu/wflaniga/9300/d3oc.jpg

-=DVS=- 03-25-05 06:06 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
Awesome :drooling: can play games on that :D

karkrash81 03-25-05 06:18 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
Yes I can :)...but I'm disappointed it was the first gen of the 6800 go with DDR...i wanted the DDR3 one...oh well.

superklye 03-26-05 09:19 AM

Re: Inspiron 9300
One of my roommates just got the exact same system as you...I think he'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

And that does suck it's DDR and DDR3

$n][pErMan 03-26-05 01:17 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
If I could play high end games on my laptop .. id never get anything done! lol

Sazar 03-26-05 01:57 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
Afaik the only 6800 out right now with gddr3 == the ultra version in the XPS.

IIRC it is primarily for battery life and heat reasons (naturally this correlates to the weight of the product)

Did you get the Truelife display?

GlowStick 03-26-05 08:52 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
Friggin sweet laptop!!!!

karkrash81 03-26-05 09:16 PM

Re: Inspiron 9300
No, I did not get the truelife display. A friend of mine got a 9200 with it and was disappointed. The whites seemed to sparkle. I didn't know if they fixed that with the 9300 so i decided against it.

1440 x 900 is pretty good for about everything I can do. It's not as good as dual monitors but offers lots of screen real estate.

Some of the negatives of the system are that they could have put a numpad with all the room on it. The silver finish shows fingerprints easily and if you sweat you leave residue that you have to clean off. Also, they only put an SD card reader instead of a 5 in 1 (6 in 1 or whatever) that many competing laptops have.

It's light for a laptop its size...about 8 pounds.

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