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AngelLaHash 03-28-05 05:09 AM

Monitor Vs Graphics Card Problem (ALH)
Ive just installed a new XP3200 CPU

and may of knocked the Graphics Card and upset it

as my system keeps resetting Monitor 2 ever now and then
and some times just dropps dead and crashes the system all together.

I tried a simple S3 Trio Card and it worked perfectly for 4 hours
but the monitor wasnt left on and it was PCI than AGP

I tried to change the Monitors around but its the same monitor doing the same problem, so im being to wounder if the Monitor is on its way out. But how could it effect my system, unless in the daul screen it just upset one ie the MAIN one and i couldnt see the other one still working.

ATiMan 03-30-05 03:39 AM

Re: Monitor Vs Graphics Card Problem (ALH)
Hm, maybe it is the graphic card drawing more power and current from the power supplier, when enabling the two displays which combined with the fact of upgrading the proccessor(higher frequency also means more power for the cpu) makes voltages (+12V,+5V,3.3V) unstable when there is not enough power. How many watt is your PSU? And which graphic card you have got?
If the card is working with 1 display enabled(either vga or dvi output) then the card is ok and it should be a power problem or a drivers problem.

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