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AngelLaHash 03-28-05 05:13 AM

GeeXBox TV-Out
Well this is a GOD SENT of Media Player on a LINUX format
Ive just built a 586 system with 2xDVD Drives just to watch movies on and play music

Im planing to put a SBLive 5.1 in the system too for the sound.
It boots up and runs ever format and ever type of disc i got BRILL.

But i would like to be able to hook it up to the TV and Video Player, So I would need a BASIC Graphics card that could do TV Out and would work with GeeXBox OS.

Any one know of such a card that it has drivers for, or has any one ever done daul Display (Monitor Monitor or TV Monitor) with GeeXBox OS

AngelLaHash 03-28-05 05:17 AM

Also Knoppix
Another Great OS of the 21st Centry

but like GeeXBox i need to Run this with TV-Out
as like my GeeXBox System, i plan to use Knoppix for a surfing OS, and would need it to run via the TV as well.

AngelLaHash 12-22-05 02:42 PM

Re: GeeXBox TV-Out
Well i managed to buy a TV Adaptor, wireless one come to think of it
also brought a DVD-AGP card, what LINUX doesnt like at all great

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