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monohouse 03-30-05 03:53 AM

glxinfo reports "forceSW" in 2.6 with 1.0-7167
I have VERY slow framerates (< 1 FPS) with the latest nvidia driver 7167 on a 2.6.10 and kernels, I am using Xorg 6.8.1 with fluxbox, none of the other driver versions work at all, this driver does work with 2.4 kernels fine, but is stuck in "forceSW" mode in this kernel version, what could be cause the renderer to use forceSW ? and how could that be fixed ?

Lithorus 03-30-05 10:18 AM

Re: glxinfo reports "forceSW"
Well first you read the topic called "If you have a problem, PLEASE read this first" and do as described there (eg. attaching the nvidia-installer.log). THEN we might have a clue about what is happening...

monohouse 04-02-05 10:55 PM

Re: glxinfo reports "forceSW"
3 Attachment(s)
yhe what is "invalid filetype" when im trying to upload ?
why do I have to change file names ?

zander 04-03-05 06:21 AM

Re: glxinfo reports "forceSW"
Please also run the `nvidia-bug-report.sh` script after running an OpenGL application and attach the generated log file; since vBulletin doesn't know what a .log file is, it's best to append .txt to the file names before attaching them, e.g. nvidia-bug-report.log.txt.

monohouse 04-03-05 07:52 PM

Re: glxinfo reports "forceSW"
ok, thanks dude I hope that's enough information, so you got any ideas ?

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