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erek 03-31-05 10:37 PM

1.0-7167 & 1.0-7174, Performance vs Quality?
"1.0-7167 / 1.0-7175" get bumped to OpenGL 1.5.3 vs "1.0-6629"s 1.5.2...and with that..i personally noticed on my GeForce 6800 GT a reduced performance in Doom 3 from ~80 FPS (HQ @ 1024x768) to ~77 FPS (ditto).. but i am unable to determine if there is a valid reason for this... such as an improved rendered picture quality or what? can anybody share their experiences across these drivers and shed some light onto this situation? i can understand lowered performance for increased correctness/quality of picture..

silentplummet 03-31-05 11:18 PM

Re: 1.0-7167 & 1.0-7174, Performance vs Quality?
The performance/quality tradeoff is never that simple. There are multitudinous component parts of the rendering path, from your computer's CPU to the GPU to your monitor. Think NVidia isolated just one, tweaked it, and now your Doom3 FPS is 6.25% less?

erek 03-31-05 11:20 PM

Re: 1.0-7167 & 1.0-7174, Performance vs Quality?
heh, well i was just hoping for some kindof uneducated statements that seemed elaborate or intelligent enough to hold me at bay as to speculating what it could be and blaming the developers again ;)

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