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curiousergeorge 04-04-05 11:26 AM

Two Pivot Screen simultaneously

I have to pivoable screens attatched to my nVidia graphics card and like to use the to view two documents at a time.

I tried all three possiblilities:
1. TwinView
2. two devices with Xinerama
3. two devices without Xinerama
and all are running but have too bad bugs to use:
First of all I used RandR for rotation (as this is the only method known to me).
I use SuSe 9.2 with KDE 3.3 and due to bugs I have to restart after the rotation so that KDE gets the roatation information at the start.

1. Twinview works fine in "above" mode, except that the I can't set applications to fullscreen/maximize them, this ends up in a big 4:3 window in the upper left corner of the left screen that leaps a bit into the right sceen (same problem the KDE Panel has).
in "RightOf" mode the screen is streched terribly and the KDE Panel won't appear.
2. In this mode RandR simply doesn't work
3. In this mode RandR only remembers the settings for the left screen and I can't open OpenOffice documents in two differen screens. (neither can I move one to the next).

Does KDE 3.4 solve some of these problems. especially the one with not knowing how big one screen is. Can I even turn in realtime (without restart) in KDE 3.4.

Or does nVidia have to fix those Bugs?

Curiouse George

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