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nipster 08-07-02 03:42 AM

low fps why???
Ive just put together a pretty good machine: gf4 mx420, gigabyte kt333 board 256 ddr ram, and a xp 1600+ but im getting the same fps that i was with my duron 850 the most is 91 fps and that is at the lowest settings, I know people that are getting 200+ with a gf 2 mx400 anyone know what im doing wrong??
I have the latest detenator driver and my cpu and video card are overclocked a bit. any help would be great thanks


Uttar 08-07-02 09:06 AM

Pretty stupid but who knows... Are your friends playing on the SAME settings as you and in the same game? Or are you benchmarking with different setings or even in a different game?


druga runda 08-07-02 12:10 PM

And GF4 MX420 is a 64 bit memory interface, I don't know how that scores against a GF2 Mx 400?

Anyone else? It might be cheap, but it is the weakest Nvidia card by far at the moment.

darkmiasma 08-07-02 01:26 PM

the GF4MX420 scores like the GF2MX200 ... it is by far the worst GF you could put into your system ...

change that card (even if you just went to a MX440) and it will make a big difference

netviper13 08-07-02 02:35 PM

Try installing the VIA 4-in-1s.

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