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Parity 04-04-05 02:11 PM

Where's my fog? (Geforce FX 5200)
I've finally upgraded from my TNT2 to a GeForce FX5200
(Neverwinternights: before: 7-12fps ; after: 35-55 fps; much better!)

However, one thing is worse... my I don't have any 3d fog going on. Is it really
possible that the more advanced card doesn't have fog? Or do I need to
'downgrade' my driver from latest? Is there an XF86Config option I need to set?

--Parity None

lightsout 04-04-05 04:45 PM

Re: Where's my fog? (Geforce FX 5200)
I'd suspect that is a driver issue - which nvidia drivers do you have installed?

Parity 04-04-05 07:49 PM

Re: Where's my fog? (Geforce FX 5200)
The latest one, I believe. I installed NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7174-pkg1.run
from nvidia.com. It was downloaded yesterday. I can try older ones.

--Parity None

Parity 04-04-05 10:53 PM

Re: Where's my fog? (Geforce FX 5200)
Never mind, I have fog after all, sorry!

In a bright scene with weak white fog, it's -really- hard to perceive it,
and the clipping planes show up clearly, but in a dark-fog scene
(most indoor scenes use black fog to make far away corners dark) or
a heavy-fog scene, it's apparent.

(although thinking about some scenes I saw yesterday... ehh... maybe
the right combination of video options kills fog for some reason. Hmm.
If I can recreate that I may file a bug report. And avoid that set of settings.)

I didn't expect fog intensity to be so different between cards, but I'll live.

--Parity Odd, feeling a touch foolish now.

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