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albertk 12-08-02 08:33 AM

WinModem problem
I have a WinModem(Ess2838),and I download the driver for linux form http://sidlo.penguin.cz/ES2838/files/esscom_orig.o
Now I can use it to connect to the internet,but everytime when I disconnect the computer will take no response.What I can do is reset the computer.What can I do?Thank you!
(Redhat 7.3)

Mandarb1 12-08-02 04:46 PM

Im not familiar with Redhat, but is there an app in Redhat thats similar to Suse 8.1's Xkill? I'd try to see if you could xkill that app when you want to disconnect.

albertk 12-15-02 08:37 AM

if I kill the app,the computer take no response

Mandarb1 12-15-02 04:35 PM

What about killing the process?

albertk 12-15-02 09:50 PM

also take no reponese

Mandarb1 12-16-02 11:17 AM

Hmm.. not sure... the only thing I can think of now would maybe try going to the new Redhat?

albertk 12-24-02 03:56 AM

Maybe there is something wrong with the driver...
Who can offer me another driver download address of this modem?

The Analog Kid 12-26-02 09:46 PM

8.0 might have drivers already in the distro, or if upgrading is not an option you could buy a new modem, since WinModems are for Windows.

Mandarb1 12-26-02 09:51 PM

Winmodems are mostly a hit or miss thing in Linux... you are much better off buying a USR or Lucent-based one. But when you're buying the modem, make sure it says it works with Linux. I know most of the ones dont say that. They are called WinModems because Windows emulates most of the modem features that arent on the chip and arent really modems but dumb ones.

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