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stoog3 04-05-05 04:58 PM

Personal Cimema conflict
Trying to get my Personal Cinema FX5200 to capture cand output to a TV. The Personal Cinema drivers will capture, but the video player is blank when when I run any video on the TV. If I install the detonator drivers (for the graphics card only) it outputs fine, but then the capturing is no longer available. Any ideas? I thought it was a fuction of the card / software to beable to output videos to the TV.

Thanks for your help :)

ChrisRay 04-05-05 07:49 PM

Re: Personal Cimema conflict
Hmmm can the wdm drivers be installed seperately? If so would that make a difference? I think they can be but its been a while since I toyed with the 5700 Personal Cinema.

stoog3 04-06-05 08:47 PM

Re: Personal Cimema conflict
Thanks for the idea. I found drivers for just the VIVO and loaded it with the newest detonator drivers. It' found everything and it worked until a reboot. Then allI got was BSD'd. :eek:

Sovereignxp 04-06-05 10:46 PM

Re: Personal Cimema conflict
PS 5200 you say? I worked with one of thoes POS for a customer, It was an MSI TV5200. It uses this special application suite, from the makers of WinDVD, and it was just an ubber nightmare. BSOD's, then it works somtimes..but you go to turn the TV part off .. the sound stays stuck on.... Spent several hours with MSI Tech Support. They gave me a driver fix and everything.. still had the same problems... RMA's the card and rechecked the serial # to make sure they didnt send me the same one back. Then tried the new one.. still was quirky as hell... new drivers and everything.

I gave up on that pos card and picked up an AIW 9600XT for the customer and it worked flawless.

I'm sorry.. but when it comes to AIW solutions.. ATi is the ruler in that domain.. there is no contest.

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