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maxbero 04-07-05 08:17 AM

May I ask you why the 6800s still use the old (crappy) AA4x?
16x is fine but it's too much expensive for using in games.

MUYA 04-07-05 08:25 AM

Re: Anti-Aliasing
what crappy AA 4X?
NV40s use RGAA unlike OGAA used in nv3X. And it is miles better.

And with Rivatuner you can use 4X RGAA with GC. Just search the forums.

MUYA 04-07-05 08:34 AM

Re: Anti-Aliasing
My bad...In Linux you cannot use Rivatuner.

maxbero 04-07-05 09:04 AM

Re: Anti-Aliasing
No problem ;)

erek 04-08-05 12:12 AM

Re: Anti-Aliasing
laugh, MUYA ;)

we may have hope someday to see an application with as much functionality as Rivatuner for Windows!

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