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demonized 12-08-02 07:29 PM

What do you guys like about NVnews?
For me i like this site cause evrything is well organized. The pages and forums load fast. I made it my homepage cause i wanna know whats new evrytime i open up my browser:)

LORD-eX-Bu 12-08-02 07:30 PM

I like it cuz its updated frequently, it looks nice, the community here is the greatest and I've been here for a while!:D :D :D

The Baron 12-08-02 07:46 PM


What do you guys like about NVnews?
The fact that I work here. Kinda. :D

And, the community's smart, a LOT less flameage than at most other video card sites, and K.I.L.E.R. :p

volt 12-08-02 07:51 PM

#1 Resource for Nvidia products, great people. Been here over two years, and I can't leave :D

LORD-eX-Bu 12-08-02 08:06 PM

heh, I'm gonna have to leave. But I still have a few months. I'll notify you guys when I'm "officially" leaving, then I'll stick around until I really have to leave, then I'll say my goodbyes.:D ;) Then it'l be 2 years without me, heh, well, unless you wanna write pen and paper, but thats okay.:cool:

Kruno 12-08-02 08:42 PM

Army Bu?

Anyway, Nvnews has nice lovely people around. Community is friendly and nice, also news updates frequent.

|JuiceZ| 12-08-02 09:02 PM

I can't get my browser to point to any other site!



Have to say its the community, the guys on hear are great, especially the older members. I've been visiting since Mike's site was still Viper3D back in '99, heh. The main thing that kept me coming back is the amount of news that came outta this place. Sure I made the rounds w/ other other nv sites back in the day: PlanetRiva, Rivazone, d128.com and others, but Mike always had the latest info. After I got involved in the forums in Sept 00, I haven't been able to leave. There's nothing like the group of guys that I bs'd w/ back then, and I'm happy to see we've got some new fixtures today :cool:

Group HUG!! :)

ok.....thats enough KILER :p

pastor 12-08-02 09:05 PM


Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
I like it cuz its updated frequently, it looks nice, the community here is the greatest and I've been here for a while!:D :D :D
+1 :cool:

Kruno 12-08-02 09:05 PM


Group HUG!! :)
/me tries to do something funny behind JuiceZ's back. ;) :p :D

marqmajere 12-08-02 09:15 PM

The low amount of flamage. Rage3D can be real bad about that. So what IS the scoop, Bu? 2 years? Better be a damn good reason. :p


LORD-eX-Bu 12-08-02 09:41 PM

No, not the Army, that will be in 4 or 5 years. I am going on a mission, I have been recruited by the NSA for my services and my expertise and highly sought after intelligence gathering techniques. I belong to Third Echelon now. I cannot specify the exact region I am going to, but be sure that I will be involved in southwest Asia. You probably won't hear about the things that I do(unless I screw up) but then again, I really suck at that type of stuff. :p I'd probably step on a snake or pull the grenade and throw the pin. LOL. I'd wish...

But all joking aside, I am going on a religious mission, 2 years long, hence the no computer rule, ;)

|JuiceZ| 12-08-02 09:57 PM

whatever the mission is, I respect that man, gl ;)

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