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erek 04-08-05 05:00 PM

WineHQ + Half-Life2.
GlaDiaC directed this to me on FreeNode/#cedega today... impressive...probably hurtful to TransGaming...

<GlaDiaC> wine with olivers d3d9 pachtes

GlaDiaC 04-08-05 05:13 PM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
I'll write a howto as soon as the new d3d9 patches of oliver are public and new wine is realeased (with hopefully some fixes for steam)...

Spyke 04-08-05 08:06 PM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
Did you try running it with -dxlevel 9.0?

GlaDiaC 04-10-05 07:58 AM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
It works with -dxlevel 90 too, but with graphical errors. Vertex and Pixel Shaders are missing and some other things.

gonzo6111 04-10-05 09:38 AM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
Guys I have cedega install lastest one and i'm stuck, they say you can config cedega to perform better but I don't see the file where they say it should be at.What i'm doing wrong any advice plz.

Thunderbird 04-10-05 09:45 AM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
It is a nice thread but it doesn't belong under Nvidia but more on Linux ..

Mehbody 04-11-05 02:53 PM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
Impressive. But I bet Transgaming would look at those patches once they advance, and probably try harder to advance itself. Of course, you can't rule out the fact that Transgaming could run out of business once this hits more people out there. I for one know that I will never stop being a transgaming subscriber, even if the patch advances.

strikeforce 04-15-05 01:07 AM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
I'm with you now that I've started to be a transgaming subscriber I will never leave since the money I put in goes towards making an os that I love that much better so credit to them. They also do give back to wine as well so somehow its all interlinked how I don't know but it seems that everyone gets along with everyone.

gonzo6111 04-15-05 04:33 PM

Re: WineHQ + Half-Life2.
After reading and looking I found my issue it was so silly.Kind of helps to show hidden files Playing doom3 /painkiller/ everquest1 online no big issue at all.Infact i was not sure the game everquest wouldn't run worth a crap with my card but it ran better then the other games.

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