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rohit 04-09-05 07:57 AM

what are AGP-GART drvers?
at does GART stand-for?
and do we require GART drivers?

doddsy 04-09-05 09:00 AM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?

rohit 04-09-05 10:14 AM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?
alrite long cut-short
i remember, i had got some GART drivers with mi card.
i reinstalled OS. & i cant locate it anymore.
so is it necessary to install em? i mean is it better with hem installed?

d2thez 04-09-05 12:26 PM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?
GART drivers are very required if you want top performance. GART stand for Graphics Address Remapping Table and it configures your AGP speed, fastwrites, and Sidebanding.

If you don't install it, you card will run at PCI speeds only and not AGP speeds with all of its features.

rohit 04-09-05 04:04 PM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?
omg, i donno wats happening to me. totally lost.

GART drivers are provided by the MOBO or THE VGA card?

so should i refer mobo' i.e..ASUS site?
or should i refer VGA card maker i.e.. Leadtek's site?
:confused: :confused: :confused:

P.S: yeh u r correct. under 3dmark 05 i am getting a lower score of 150 points less, and its written:
AGP rate: N/A (earlier i used to get 8X)
Fastwrites : N/A (Earlier i used to get Enabled)

d2thez 04-09-05 05:35 PM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?
Ok, well AGP GART drivers come with your motherboard chipset drivers. It looks like you are using a VIA based motherboard. The newest mobo drivers are the Hyperion 4.55 drivers.

What exactly are you trying to solve here?

Absolution 04-10-05 01:59 PM

Re: what are AGP-GART drvers?
when my friend tries to install gart drivers on his comp, it says that some file is in use and never installs correctly even after running driver cleaner in safe mode

anyone know whats up?

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