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anxdiety 12-09-02 05:58 AM

stupid n00b questions
I've been playing around with mandrake 9 now for a couple of days and can't figure out where the installed rpm's or tarballs are going. I'm trying to convert but am way too accustomed to installing things and having them go directly into the start menu. More specifically i was trying to install wine and an ftp program and winex tells me that it can't create the registry files... and the ftp program is nowhere to be found. When i am looking for executables what exactly am i looking for?

Mandarb1 12-09-02 11:36 AM

What window manager are you using (KDE, Gnome, etc)?

anxdiety 12-09-02 03:21 PM

kde right now, where's the idiot proof start menu for this thing already

tuxfriend 12-11-02 01:34 PM


To find out where a program is installed is as easy as

to open a terminal and type "whereis name of program".

Try it with something already installed,it will tell where to go.



maxd 12-21-02 07:41 AM

Onother Way 2 do thinks
you can also try the command
as root

locate -u -v
-u - Create slocate database starting at path /.

-v - Verbose mode. Display files when creating database.

this will create the filesystem database
then you can use the same command with no parameters
ex. locate nano

look inside the directories sbin(for root progrmas) and bin for normal executable files

inside kde press alt+f2 and type the name of the program to run it


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