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saturnotaku 12-09-02 10:47 AM

What news do you want to see?
I would like to pose this question as Baron and I start working on the news front here. I would first like to say that I'm doing news on a limited time basis, at least until my life situation gets straightened out with my impending move. Whether or not I stay on past that will be decided in due time.

Until then, I realize there is only so much strictly video card related news one can find without getting repetitive. So the question I pose to you, the loyal nV News reader, is what other kinds of news items would you like to see posted on the main page? We have our share of motherboard posts, which is cool, but would you like to see other PC hardware like cases and stuff? I've posted an item about Tenebrae Quake, would you like to see more info like that about games (patches, demos, tech moves, etc)?

Post your thoughts here, and just remember to be reasonable. ;)

Edit: Some links to worthwhile web sites would really help so if you could include what you can think of in your post that would be great. :D

LORD-eX-Bu 12-09-02 11:38 AM

heh, I'm working on a few keyboard/mouse reviews, might make it into a roundup, but eh, who knows...:D :p SPOOOON GUAAARD!:p Thats probably not really important tho, seeing how it is video card stuff, I'd like to see a section where users submit their really old hardware and you guys tear it apart or make something useful out of it.:D

Uttar 12-09-02 12:04 PM


Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
Thats probably not really important tho, seeing how it is video card stuff, I'd like to see a section where users submit their really old hardware and you guys tear it apart or make something useful out of it.:D
Isn't tearing things apart useful? :)

As for the what type of news I'd like... I'm not in a very imaginative mood today, had my Latin exam. It's so old I slowly but surely forgetting what technology is...
"Woah! What's this evil thing vile noises are coming from? M...P...tree...player... Interesting..."


ragejg 12-09-02 02:09 PM

Sometimes old news is good news...
I have no idea how realistic this would be, but there are many bit's 'n pieces out there regarding older products that would find avid readers in some sort "old news" section... kinda like how the GF2mx links still have a high reader count? Examples could be (fictional website names):

Return of the Goldfinger: www.OCStupidhead.com has revised their links, instructions, and FAQ's on turbocharging the aging Slot-A platform... Any "classic" junkies should head on over and see what all the fuss is...

Gotta make do with a GF2? Some who are still stuck with a GF2 (any variety) are still sweating to keep their cards playable 'till the next big purchase. Click for a comprehensive listing of new links for info on crankin' the old beasts (more than ever)...

SDRAM prices have dropped again, allowing for some to aquire highly touted Crucial PC150 for a paltry $39 for a 512 stick. Head on over to www.thissiteforram.com for compatibility listings for this hot variety of PC150.

www.sblivecrazy.com has put some new WDM drivers together to allow for less perf. hit while using EAX on Live! and PCI128 cards... You can get the Win9X version at their site, but XP-heads will have to wait..."


Stuff like this could be in a little corner of the page (accompanied by a title like, um, crap, my imagination's not working), not on the same column as the daily thread... maybe on a little ticker or something. It just seems like it's hard to navigate thru archives for a lot of ppl who are stuck with last gen. stuff... ie: I gotta go back all the way to feb-march just for relevant discussions/hype about my GA-7VTXE+(kt266a)... It's even harder for KT133a owners... and god save the slotA enthusiasts! Seems like their sites drop daily!

I'm not that far back anymore, but I empathize with those who don't have top notch equipment, but still wanna maximize what they got... There's more than a few with Duron600's and stock clocked/cooled GF2's who don't realize what a vidcard OC and a pencil trick would do for them... sure the'yre a step or two back, but it seems to me that this site procreates comfortableness with system mods, enough so for entry level gamers in this category to benifit from such info...

You guys could jump all over my case and say "start your own site up for this crap, nvnews is for current-gen gaming!!", at which point I would contemplate it (realizing fully that I don't quite have the time), but this was just a suggestion. I know quite a few beginners looking at your site for useful advice.

:D :D

saturnotaku 12-09-02 02:15 PM

ragejg, I don't think that's a half-bad idea. Being a KT266A user myself, I certainly empathize with your position. Only problem is that in the course of my surfing for news and checking of e-mail is that the vast majority of my sources don't offer any such news. The extent to which they do would be in the form of driver udpates (like in your SB Live example). Other than that, I don't think we're going to be seeing too much in the way of news about older stuff. So while I think it's a good idea, there simply wouldn't be enough content to fill such a section on a regular basis.

But what I will do is keep an eye out for any information about older stuff (SB Live drivers again for example) and try to post something about it. :)

The Baron 12-09-02 04:07 PM

Yeah, I mean, how many 3dfx hacked driver releases are there every day? :p

But in March or so (or whenever I get off my ass and decide to build a box), I'm going to film the whole damn process and put it online. Should be interesting... ;)

And I'm a KT266 user too :p

Kruno 12-10-02 08:48 PM

I would like to see:

More RAM news.

More gaming news.

Guide news.

Scientific news. (if possible)

BTW Saturn: WOW! You post so much news it's amazing. I love it. There is something like 6+ news posts on the first page of news in 2 days. That's truly amazing Saturn. (Can I call you Ed? Mr Ed. :p)

Just counted 15 posts on the news page from Saturn. :eek:

The Baron 12-10-02 08:58 PM

*grumbles about how he's not home enough to beat saturn to the punch* :p

saturnotaku 12-10-02 09:00 PM


Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
*grumbles about how he's not home enough to beat saturn to the punch*
Hehe, you go nuts boy-o. I'm done for the night and will be tied up for most of the day tomorrow, Thursday and Friday so you should have plenty of opportunities. :D

The Baron 12-10-02 09:02 PM

Yeah, but you see, I have this little thing we mere mortals call school :p

And after reading that utter POS AGP aperture article, I think I'm going to have to write my own. :p

--edit--As I read the end, this is exactly what I thought.


I was really disappointed with the results of these tests I was really hoping to be able to tell you exactly where to set your AGP Aperture but the fact is I cant. I think it all depends on your system and what game your trying to play.
"THEN WHY THE **** IS THE ARTICLE ONLINE?!?!?!??!?!?!?!" :p

AshG 12-10-02 10:08 PM


Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
Yeah, but you see, I have this little thing we mere mortals call school :p

"THEN WHY THE **** IS THE ARTICLE ONLINE?!?!?!??!?!?!?!" :p

There are two possible reasons it's online:
  1. It's professional scientific experimentation.
    They had a hypothesis, did the work, found out they weren't exactly onto something, and posted it out of journalistic credibility.
  2. They were bored and needed the hits.

Last time I got bored, Envy got Slashdotted. I still need to update that drink review, heh... Bawls, anyone?

saturnotaku 12-10-02 10:12 PM


Originally posted by AshG
Bawls, anyone?
*checks inside my boxers*

The two I have are quite sufficient, thanks. :p

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