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Nopik 12-09-02 11:28 AM

Drivers license..

Currently NV drivers udner Linux are distributed as binary and
whole documentation is not GPL. Is there any possibility that situation will change in future? Anybody got any clues?

Klaus-P 12-09-02 01:25 PM

I think you should ask the nv chair(wo)man to get answers
or all those customers who are purchasing nv hardware
running under a very well-known commercial operating system so to speak.
So, as long as a company will not OR is not allowed to publish source-code
because of other license issues, etc,...there won't be any GPL or
open source code i think. Or perhaps i should better say enough good technical info
material for those people who want to write their own driver software.
Remember also the socalled undocumented CPU instructions of chip

Chalnoth 12-10-02 12:01 AM

Supposedly, nVidia is not at liberty to release their drivers under an open license due to IP issues. Currently their driver source is obfuscated, and therefore almost unreadable.

r0gu3 12-18-02 01:59 PM

Actually, their driver doesn't appear to be obfuscated at all...
Its just mostly precompiled (binary)... The source they give is fairly well commented, but is simply a basic interface to the kernel...

- r0gu3

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