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beejay 12-10-02 12:22 AM

Serious Problems with nvidia-drivers

I am experiencing serious Problems with the nvidia kernel- and glx-drivers.

Let me explain it like this:

(nvidia-kernel || nvidia-glx) && (v4l || xfree-dga) = Systemfreeze

If I use the drivers and the DGA-extension or the v4l-module is enabled, then my system freezes nearly immediately after I start a TV-Application like xawtv or zapping. If I disable DGA (Section "extmod", option "omit xfree-dga" or so in XF86Config)and v4l so that none of these two is enabled, then everything works fine.

I already reserved IRQ's for both, the Graphics-Card (GF4TI - formerly it was a GF2GTS with the same Problems) and the TV-Card (BT878) - didn't help. I also tried all three kinds of AGP-Support (agpgart, nvidia and none) - still freezes.

Of course, I could leave it with DGA and v4l disabled, but then I won't be able to watch TV in Overlay-Mode - and without Overlay-Mode enabled, the TV-Picture looks...uhm...well...not very good.

My PC:
Athlon-TB 1300
GF4TI with 64MB (formerly a GF2GTS with 32MB - same Problems)
Hauppauge WinTV-Theater with BT878-Chip

Any ideas for this problem ?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings from a very cold Germany

Andre 12-10-02 08:46 AM

Hello beejay,

I have a similar problem with my card, a
GF4Ti (4200) , 128 MB .

I installed RPMs for SuSE 8.0 (kernel and glx)
from the command line, X-server not running.
No complaints during installation with "rpm -ivh xxx" (all according to Nvidia's installation instruction).

I used the X-Config program "sax2" to configure the display. I set it to 1024-768, 16,7 million
colors, 85 Hz V-sync. I chose the correct Nvidia
graphic card and activated the glx-option in
the 3D-properties. I did not play with any
expert-options in sax2.
The monitor can handle the resolution and frequencies. I also have Window-XP running on the
same disk and there everything works fine.

When I then try to test the X-server the monitor
becomes black and stays like that.
The system freezes.
The same when I just save the X-configuration
and start the X-server by runlevel 5 i.e.
The only choice I then have is to power off.
When I press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE the system
powers off immediately.
When I use the card setting "VESA, 1024x768, 85 Hz" all is OK.

I don't know what is wrong.
I trusted in sax2 and did not try to find an
error in the X-configuration file.
Maybe I should, but what should I search for?

beejay 12-10-02 12:50 PM

Not the same
When I was using SuSE, I also had this problem. The origin of your problem is - yes - Sax2 . It seems like sax2 has some problems in determining the capabilities of GeForce-Cards. If you configure your XFree with xf86config, then you will have more control over the setup-process.
If you done well with xf86config, then everything will be fine.:)

beejay 12-18-02 02:13 AM

Ist there nobody out there who also experienced my original problem? Please - someone help. Some ideas might also help...!

Wolfman [TWP] 12-18-02 07:22 AM

I haven't had this problem with a similar setup, but using a clone TV tuner card with the BT878 chipset. It works fine no problems.

From memory I'm sure that the Hauppauge card has it's own xawtv setting for the BT878 chipset. As I seem to have noticed that even though it uses this chipset, Hauppauge may configure it in a different way which may be causing the system to freeze.

Other than that there's nothing else that I can suggest... :confused:

PS, this was using the old 2960 drivers from Nvidia though..

titan3025 12-18-02 07:26 AM

I have the same problem you have. But I think it is a Via problem.. not a nVidia problem.

beejay 12-18-02 07:43 AM

VIA Problem
I don't think so because I have an ALi Chipset on my Mainboard

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