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andefeldt 04-25-05 12:59 PM

Sound problems with nvsound

I'm running Mandrake 10.2 (Limited Edition 2005) 32bit version. My system is a Asus A8N-SLI motherboard with a AMD64-3200+ CPU and GeForce 6600 (256Mb) GPU. Things generally works fine, except sound.

I installed the NFORCE drivers from NVidia and did was was written in the guide (use nvsound instead of snd-intel8x0 and using the install and remove setup in modprobe.conf, that was descriped in the guide).

But if I try to play doom3 demo I get no sound what so ever. I just get a lot of Alsa errors in the terminal. Also Skype won't work. Last night I suddenly got a lof of OSS errors (Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp): Cannot allocate memory).

I decided to go back to the snd-intel8x0 drivers instead and altered my modprobe.conf again. Now I can hear sound in Doom3, but it's really really really bad! It's fast and mushy with a lot of mixed sounds. People in Skype sounds like chipmunks and I can't use my mic at all.

Any idea of what's going on here and how I can correct my problems?


andefeldt 04-27-05 01:55 AM

Re: Sound problems with nvsound
I went back to the nvsound module again, since it's supposed to be the best thing. But...

My system doesn't work with sound :thumbdwn:

I have downloaded the NForce drivers and installed them. No problems. I've configured /etc/modprobe.conf. After I reboot my machine the nvsound module loads without problems (ok, /var/log/messages writes the following message):

Apr 26 20:46:33 morpheus service_harddrake[11162]: ### Program is starting ###
Apr 26 20:46:34 morpheus service_harddrake[11162]: weird install line in modprobe.conf for nvsound: /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install nvsound ; sleep 1; /usr/bin/nvmix-reg -f /etc/nvmixrc -L >/dev/null 2>$1 || :
Apr 26 20:46:34 morpheus service_harddrake[11162]: weird install line in modprobe.conf for nvsound: /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install nvsound ; sleep 1; /usr/bin/nvmix-reg -f /etc/nvmixrc -L >/dev/null 2>$1 || :

I then try Xmms and normal cd's. No problems there.

But if I try to open kdetv I get no sound at all and the following error message:

ALSA lib control.c:739snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL

If I come to a webpage with sound in flash-movie (eg. doom3.com), I hear really bad and chopping sounds, and dmesg writes:

Nvsound: Unable to change the Record SampleRate 22050, set back to 48000
Nvsound: Unable to change the Playback SampleRate 22050, set back to 48000

Moving on to doom3-demo I get (again) no sound, but the following error message (according to idsoftware, this error should only come in the first version of the demo, but I get it in the newest version as well):

WARNING: ioctl SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED failed to get the requested frequency 44100, got 48000
WARNING: sound subsystem disabled

And if I try to use Skype and the test service (echo123) I start hearing the voice of the other person. But she sounds like a chipmunk on speed and after 2 sec. the program core dumps with this error:

read error, res = 1536 , handle = 26
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
and dmesg:
Nvsound: Unable to set Mono, set back to Stereo

Something weird is going on, but I have no idea what it is! I really really really hope that someone in here can help me!

Please!!! ;)


Befair 04-27-05 01:50 PM

Re: Sound problems with nvsound
It seems your system support only 48000 samplerate.

For getting the sound with doom3

enable aRts sound server and play game with artsdsp -m ./doom3

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