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MrsGorilla 04-26-05 08:05 AM

Problem with FX 5200 and Dual Monitors
Hi All,

I am having a problem getting my dual monitors set up. I am running a Dell Optiplex GX270 with a Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor and 1 Gig of RAM. I currently have 2 Gateway FPD1830 monitors (don't ask, that was all they had available at my job) attached to it.

When I started working here I had to wipe this system clean and reinstall the OS (WinXP Pro). I am now trying to get my dual monitor display running and I'm having problems. I downloaded the Forceware version 71.89 yesterday to try to get this up and running and I can't even get it to give me an option to use a second display. On the main page of the nView Desktop Manager I don't even have a display setup wizard, only the TV setup wizard. Can anyone here point me in the right direction? Maybe I'm just missing something obvious here.

Thanks for your help.

zoomy942 04-26-05 07:14 PM

Re: Problem with FX 5200 and Dual Monitors
hmmm.. i have a 6200 setup for dual monitors at work with 2 lcds and everything works okay. did you right click the desktop and go to settings.. and then click the far right tab, and then right click the second monitor and click the box called "extend windows desktop to this monitor" ?

MrsGorilla 04-27-05 02:35 PM

Re: Problem with FX 5200 and Dual Monitors
Well, that's part of the problem. It isn't recognizing that I have two monitors attached. When I go to that screen, only my primary monitor is listed. This is the first time I have tried to do a dual monitor display like this rather than using two separate video cards, so I didn't know if I am missing something or not.

Pumpjet 05-12-05 09:01 PM

Re: Problem with FX 5200 and Dual Monitors
Same problem here. GX270 with I believe a 5400 tv card. (not in front of the pc now)
I think the on-board integrated graphics are getting clobbered (disabled) when the AGP card is installed. There is no BIOS setting to switch between AGP and PCI. or integrated video for that matter.
Spent over an hour with Dell techs and they could only suggest a VGA splitter cable.
I told them I need to SPAN the desk top between 2 LCD's, not clone 2 identical desk tops.
The nView desktop manager won't let me check mark the option to allow multiple displays either. Second display on the integreated video is blank. No video at all.

I'm off to the vendor tomorrow to investigate this further.

Oh- I just downloaded the Force thingy to try tomorow. Will keep you posted on the results


zzbyasb 12-07-05 01:52 PM

Re: Problem with FX 5200 and Dual Monitors
Please let me know if you find anymore info on this topic! If you can enable the motherboard Intel graphics while still using the AGP video card, that would be GREAT!

But I'll take anything.

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