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PCarr78 07-28-02 10:11 AM

Colin McRae 3

Can't wait!

This game looks awesome!

DIMA 07-28-02 11:00 AM

Re: Colin McRae 3

Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]

Can't wait!

This game looks awesome!

Yeah, I agree, the game looks AWESOME!!!

For anyone who wants to witness it in all it's glory, point your browsers here:


PCarr78 07-28-02 11:09 AM

CMR3 looks truly awesome.

I played CMR2 on a tv at a friend's house (hooked up my comp and all.)

He was FLOORED by the graphics and the sound.

He has both a ps2 and xbox, and is a hard-liner console HO, heh.

He openly oohed and aahed at the cubemapping and shadows.

As for the physics, i have never seen anythiong better apart for Grand Prix Legends.

Evil Panda 07-30-02 11:19 AM

Yep, CMR series is the best. Physics are so damn nice!!I just hope the environments will look as good or better than those found in Rallysport challenge on the XBOX (best environments ever for any racing game).

DIMA 07-30-02 02:22 PM

I have to disappoint u guys...

According to the offical game page, the game will be released only for the PS2 & Xbox! :(

Glad to see that I was wrong! :D

Taken from the FAQ on the offical forum:


On PS2 and XBOX it is being released in Europe on October 11th 2002
The PC and Gamecube versions will follow in early 2003

saturnotaku 07-30-02 03:44 PM

That is good news. Pro Race Driver can hold me over until this game comes out. :D

PCarr78 07-30-02 06:41 PM


i made a thread about this game in the OLD forums RANTING AND RAVING about it only being ps2/xbox

Matty pointed me to the right direction.


JonathanM 07-31-02 11:46 AM

Agreed. I'm definitly looking forward to tghis game aswell. It would be cool if Codemasters could put a little benchmarking script or something as it'll definitly spice up reviews with scores froim non-fps titles.

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