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sehh 05-06-05 04:40 AM

Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)
Hello, i own an Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite, which has dual DVI ports and i have two SONY SDM-X73B TFT monitors connected to the two dvi ports.

The system has been running smoothly for 2 years now. Though a few days ago i started having problems:

When i try to run some game or application that uses hardware acceleration (even playing some movie). The first DVI port causes flickering and screen corruption.

The proper appears ONLY on the first DVI port AND ONLY when i'm running some 3D game/app or use some kind of hardware acceleration by playing a video.

The second DVI port doesn't have any problems and when i run plain applications everything looks ok.

I've also tested both WindowsXP Pro and Fedora Core 3 Linux. The proper is not software related since it happens on both operating systems.

In addition, i've switched the monitors/cables around to make sure this isn't a monitor/cable problem. Thus, i've confirmed it is a problem with the first DVI port.

Any help would be appriciated.

Thank you.

sehh 05-06-05 05:01 AM

Re: Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)
btw, this isn't just a simple flicker of a few pixels or lines.

the whole screen just wobles and shakes around, then the monitor goes blank.

ricercar 05-06-05 05:11 PM

Re: Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)
Check your ASUS warranty, because this seems like a hardware failure. The difference between your DVI ports is likely that one of the TMDS transmitters has failed.

NVIDIA GPUs with dual DVI include an integrated transmitter and an external TMDS transmitter. Since the problem occurs when you're working the GPU harder, I strongly suspect the internal TMDS transmitter is failing.

If warranty service is unobtainable (ASUS and warranty don't go well together in my experience) and you don't want to replace the card, you can try to increase heat dissipation on the GPU with an aftermarket GPU cooler. You may also want to put a sink on the external TMDS transmitter. YMMV.

sehh 05-07-05 12:51 PM

Re: Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)
Thanks for the reply, i'll check my warranty though i think it must have expired (i bought the card about a year and a half ago).

sehh 05-09-05 05:36 AM

Re: Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)
Apparently, the card is still in warranty. Asus gives graphics cards a 3 year warranty (card must have been sold after 2001). Mine was bought at the end of 2003, so its well within the warranty period.

Unfortunately, Asus does not include my country (Greece) within the international warranty :(

Also, the local Asus importer won't replace my card wasn't bought from their stores (i actualy bought it while i was in the UK).

So, the UK store i got the card from, doesn't offer any support for items outside the UK.

I'm sort of out of luck, unless i give the card to a friend of mine who lives in the UK right now and he returns the card for me.

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