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BSD 05-07-05 05:27 PM

Geforce2 GO
Im trying to install graphics drivers on a Dell inspiron 8100. I've tried every single graphics driver I could find on the web (from nvidia, dell, and other sources). None of them work even partially with the geforce2 go in my system. Windows will not even boot with any of the drivers installed. Windows (2000pro) does not even detect my vga card, so I am stuck in 800X600 at 16 colors. Are there any alternative drivers I could try? Any imput on how I could fix this is appreciated.

BTW: the vesa drivers in linux worked perfectly, but the person I'm fixing this computer for cannot use linux.

Kev1 05-07-05 10:21 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
Did you try this website:


And check this page:


They list Nvidia video card drivers all the way back to the Detonator 5.13's. I'm sure one of those will work well for your card. I believe the 20 series were good for GF2's but honestly even newer drivers should still work ok depending on what games/applications you run.

Good luck. Post back how things go. If all else fails maybe you can get the driver from Dell.

mobilenvidia 05-07-05 11:47 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
A fellow GF2go owner in distress ?
Follow link in my sig for salvation.
I specialise in driver modding so that anybody can use the drivers.
So any driver even the very latest are usable by any Geforce card ever made or about to be made.


BSD 05-08-05 01:29 AM

Re: Geforce2 GO
mobilenvidia, the dell page on your website has a bad link to the geforce2 go file. Would you recommend another file? Also, nowhere in windows is there any info about the gpu. It doesn't say nvidia, or anything, just vga divice...

saturnotaku 05-08-05 09:16 AM

Re: Geforce2 GO

Originally Posted by BSD
mobilenvidia, the dell page on your website has a bad link to the geforce2 go file. Would you recommend another file? Also, nowhere in windows is there any info about the gpu. It doesn't say nvidia, or anything, just vga divice...

You can download the actual drivers from the laptopvideo2go page, and they will have support for all NVIDIA GPUs, including mobile ones. You don't need any of the .inf files there.

mobilenvidia 05-08-05 01:30 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
I'm working on some pages, the Dell page will probably go as the Dell web links keep changing on me, making the page a bit useless. :(

But in the left frame is a link called 'instructions' just follow this on how to (un)install.
ALL the drivers you see are nVidia based, so they will all work with your GPU.
Have a good look around before trying just incase you need to get back to your orignal driver.

If you get the driver from Guru3D you still need to install it the same way, as Hilbert uses my INF anyway.
It is best to install by uninstalling first then using update driver method, setup.exe doesn't always work as it should.


BSD 05-08-05 03:19 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
I tried atleast 6 more drivers, and found them all to freeze the computer (during boot). Are there some sort of alternative drivers anywhere? This computer won't be used for gamming or anything, but needs more than 16 colors...

saturnotaku 05-08-05 04:04 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
Are you sure you're properly installing and uninstalling drivers? Describe the exact procedure you are using.

mobilenvidia 05-08-05 09:55 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
It looks like the drivers havn't installed at all.

Do this: Unistall drivers, in control panel run "add/remove programs', then uninstall nVidia drivers.
Now reboot.
Windows will say new device found (video) point the wizard to the place where you extracted the drivers and replaced the original INF with the modified one (both on website)
Now it should install.
Let windows find the monitor automaticly if asked.
After install, reboot again and you should be laughing.

The above can vary if you have a restore CD version of XP or there can be setting in the system properties that can stop drivers from being updated.

Failing the above, uninstall driver and try 71.89 (still replace original INF with modded one) by running setup.exe.

Good luck.

BSD 05-09-05 06:13 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
Ya, Im sure I can install and uninstall things correctly.
I'm pretty sure the geforce broke. I think the guy did something because the side plastic of the laptop is cracked. The default vesa drivers in linux seem to somehow bypass the broken part.
I'll try nvidia drivers in linux later; curious as to what happens.

matl59 12-06-06 04:08 PM

Re: Geforce2 GO
I'm having some screen resolution issues after swapping out my bad LCD for a salvaged one from another computer. My computer is an Inspiron 8100 with a GeForce2 Go graphics card. The LCD is 15" off a Dell Latitude C840. Everything attached the same, hinges bolted up correctly, wiring connector was the same... Thought it would be a simple bolt on thing.

Im stuck in Mutiple Monitors in the Display dropdown menu but I'm not really stuck in 800X600 resolution since I can adjust it all the way up to 1600X1200 but at anything higher then 1024X768 and text is unreadable...very grainy. Color quality under multiple monitors is at 32 bit.

If I click Default monitor under display then screen resolution shows 1600x1200 at 16bit color quality. When I try to change color quality to 32 bit the screen resolution jumps down to 1280x1024, then if I try to apply changes it jumps back to defualt monitor 1600x1200 16bit color. Closing the display properties window and opening it again shows that it is still in multiple monitor under display

My current display driver is nv4_disp.dll Version

Is this just a matter of installing a new driver? Any clues as to which one I may need. I was on the Nvidia site but didn't find anything. Any help would be appriciated.


CaptNKILL 12-07-06 06:12 AM

Re: Geforce2 GO
I think a 15" LCD is going to give you 1024x768 max. If 1600x1200 is available and not working, thats a monitor driver problem. I highly doubt the monitor can do that resolution at all.

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