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Cruz 05-12-05 09:53 AM

What video card for older computer?
I started a topic back a few weeks ago looking for some recommendations for a PCI card that had a tv-output. The majority recommended a Geforce MX 4000 or the Radeon 7000 to run on my PIII 600Mhz system (256MB). I purchased the Geforce MX 4000 but wasn't able to find out until afterwards that the card requires at least a 300 watt power supply. My computer is a SFF with a 14-pin 120watt power supply... so swapping to a stronger psu is a bit difficult.

What's an older pci video card that has a decent s-video output and doesn't actually have a high power requirement?

Kickus_assius 05-12-05 04:54 PM

Re: What video card for older computer?
It will probably run. I am running a 6800 GT, 2 DVD drives, 2 hard drives, watercooling, 3 fans and an A64 3500+ all from a 300W power supply with no issues whatsoever. You could certainly give it a try and then look for a SFF power supply later.

Cruz 05-12-05 06:12 PM

Re: What video card for older computer?
I just said it wasn't enough. The card doesn't work with my computer. And no, I can't swap another psu cause I said it has a 14-pin psu connector. The standard is 20-pin.

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