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nrdstrm 05-12-05 06:01 PM

Next Gen MMOs
Thought I would make a thread where we could all discuss Next Generation MMO's.
Post your thoughts, info, and pics on :
Vanguards - Saga of Heroes
D&D Online
Lord of the Rings Online
Star Trek Online

And any others you find think of...

And of course we'll be bringing lots of pictures, videos and impressions of next gen mmos from E3!

vX 05-12-05 09:22 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
Lord of the rings online? I didn't hear of that! Man, i'll have to hit up google.

Vagrant Zero 05-12-05 09:52 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
LotR looks meh. Vangaurds looks good, D&D I'm following closely, ST is too far away to be on the radar just yet. Another interesting MMORPG on the horizon is Hero's Journey (Simulatronic, new guys to the MMO field] and Tabula Rusa (NCSoft).

nrdstrm 05-12-05 11:37 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
Lord of the Rings Online has gone through like 3 different developers. Currently it is being done by Turbine (also doing D&D Online). Microsoft had license to it, but Turbine bought the rights to all the games it was working on. Before it was a turbine only game, it was called "Middle Earth Online" (a title wich I like better). The graphics from last year weren't so hot, but a few pics I've seen recently seem to be better. Originally you were going to be able to play a good or bad race and fight against each other, but not you can just be a member of a good race fighting "against evil". Could be fun..who knows...

ynnek 05-13-05 01:01 AM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
D&D might be interesting, cause I like rouge chars, and they have to let you build a nice one..

plus it seems like there won't be much level grinding,s ince you are more rewarded for finishing the mission...

|MaguS| 05-13-05 05:56 AM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
LOTR Online was always being developed by Turbine, Just under the Middle Earth Online title.

Ghosthunter 05-13-05 08:42 AM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
I see nothing on the horzion there is really next gen...in fact for first time in long time I dont see any MMORPG that I am really looking forward to.

nrdstrm 05-13-05 12:29 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
Egbtmagus, actually, a Middle Earth MMORPG was being developed by Vivendi. And if I'm not mistaken, someone else before them.

WESTWOOD, Mass. – March 22, 2005 – Turbine, Inc., a leading publisher of online subscription entertainment, announced today that it has finalized a deal with Tolkien Enterprises and Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) that grants Turbine the exclusive right to develop and publish massively multiplayer online worlds based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit literary works. As part of the agreement, Turbine will own all of the game assets to the upcoming, highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) The Lord of the Rings™: Middle-Earth™ Online. All publishing responsibilities previously assumed by VU Games for the online license have been transitioned to Turbine effective immediately.

**EDIT** Ahhh...Found it..new I wasn't crazy...It was Sierra...

Sierra announced a Middle-earth MMORPG a few years back, to the delight of fans, but the project didn't go anywhere and was canceled. Then the movies hit. With two released in theaters already, and one more due in December, fan interest in Middle-earth has reached a fever pitch. Not only that, but new fans have added to the clamor. The market might be saturated with MMORPGs but … there just might be room for hobbits, elves, goblins, and Tom Bombadil-style poetry. Vivendi Universal thinks so, and so do the patrons of Gen Con, they swarmed the booth showing Middle-Earth Online. We managed to get Producer Chris Taylor (the other one) away from the throng for a brief conversation.

killahsin 05-13-05 12:33 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
arghhh matey don't forget

pirates of the burning sea

for all those people who always wanted to grow up to be a pirate. Now honestly who doesnt love a pirate game? lol

I hope this is actually a good game cause would be cool to pillage and plunder online

Nv40 05-13-05 04:15 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
yeah.. LOTRO graphics doesnt look that impressive.. the best looking graphics in a Lord of the RIng game were done by EALA developers.. in the last year RTS BattleFor the middle earth. The World of Lord of the RIng is my favorite of all for a game. So many cool stuff can still be done to recreate the movie in a game.

nrdstrm 05-13-05 06:18 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
Another new one..this time it's one by Mythic...Look kinda wierd to me, but I wont judge till I mess with it next week...It's called Imperator (www.imperatoronline.com.)...

Tr1cK 05-13-05 07:33 PM

Re: Next Gen MMOs
I think Shadowrun or Rifts would be awesome games to bring out.

Then again Shadowrun would probably be as lame as Anarchy Online.

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