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TaP 05-13-05 02:36 PM

Geforce FX + Nforce2 mobo problems
Okay I have this biostar nforce2 motherboard, and a pny geforce_4 FX, and I just installed a fresh install of windows XP, when everything was done installing I installed the nforce drivers (from www.nvidia.com - i lost the cd), then i reset my computer, uninstalled the default "Geforce FX (microsoft corporation) drivers, and installed the geforce drivers from www.nvidia.com - this is usually how I do things, but this time I notice the quality of the graphics is very low. The text looks like it is some sort of a DOS text, and pictures on the internet do not look clear at all, very jagged, with no anti-aliasing. I do have a flat screen monitor, and the drivers will not load for it (hitachi cml174sxb, I downloaded, tried to "update" my monitor driver, and it said it didnt match.

Does anyone have an idea on what I can do? I noticed when i installed the nforce drivers from the website, their wasnt a mention of the chipset anywhere, but I figured it was included anyways.


ricercar 05-13-05 03:19 PM

Re: Geforce FX + Nforce2 mobo problems
Sounds like the LCD is displaying at lower than its native resolution. Sounds like a LCD monitor/monitor driver problem, NOT a graphics card/graphics driver problem.

Unlike CRT displays, LCDs have a native resolution where things look good, but below which things look chunky. For example, a LCD display with a native resolution of 1024x768, looks chunky if the video card is driving at 800x600. For example, a 1600x1200 native res LCD looks chunky when the card is driving 1024x768.

Does the Displays control panel allow you to increase the resolution? Are you using an analog VGA connector or a digital DVI connector from your card to the flat panel display? If you have problems with limited resolutions within the driver, you may need to change cabling.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a "GeForce4 FX." There is a GeForce4 MX and a GeForce FX. Add the model number to help us troubleshoot (Start > Control Panels > Displays > Advanced > [Model number]).

TaP 05-13-05 03:56 PM

Re: Geforce FX + Nforce2 mobo problems
oh sorry it is a Geforce 4 MX...and yes it does look a little better when the resolution is higher, but i can still tell some jaggedness....and I am using a VGA not a DVI connector, the video card is a VGA card, but the monitor supports both

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