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kriknala 05-13-05 03:57 PM

nvidia 5700 graphic card
I have two 5700 cards in two different computers, they are both giving me trouble with crashes,both pc running xp, both got 512 ram ( kingston), any body else having this trouble with the 5700, kriknala

Clay 05-13-05 04:14 PM

Re: nvidia 5700 graphic card
We need some more information:

- How long have you had these cards running in these two machines?

- Have you always had problems with these machines?

- Are you sure it is the card(s) at fault? Maybe it is something else like your power supply, CPU, memory, etc? Basically have you narrowed down the possible causes to definitely be isolated to the video card?

- What are your system specs? CPU, kind of cooling, reported temperatures, etc

kriknala 05-14-05 01:11 AM

Re: nvidia 5700 graphic card
1 pc on new soltek board with 2 sticks of kingston ram, new psu,amd64 3000,running xp home with all updates on and latest drivers. other pc on gigabyte board with sucessful flash updates installed running xp pro with cpu of xp2600 1 stick of 512 ram, ram used in both is ddr 400

kriknala 05-14-05 01:16 AM

Re: nvidia 5700 graphic card
further amd running at 39 c, xp2600 running at 43 c retail cpus with retail fans

kriknala 05-21-05 06:58 PM

Re: nvidia 5700 graphic card
problem solved, by lowering the hardware acceleration just a tad this has solved the crashing without any noticeable loss of performance.I believe the 5700 is nvidia's friday card, but hay every one can make a lemon sometime

ricercar 05-22-05 12:56 AM

Re: nvidia 5700 graphic card
Glad you're up and running. I see lots of 5700 problems posted,but my 5700 Ultra was one of the smoothest cards I've owned. NV36 was in a great price/performance spot, and has been my favorite GPU for some odd reason.

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